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FREE 7-Day Food Allergy Meal Plan Motivator

Spend more time with your family this holiday season instead of feeling burnt out and tired of cooking. 


Sunday, November 25 - Saturday December 1, 2018 

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The FREE Motivator Kicks Off In....


Imagine what it would be like to know EXACTLY what you're feeding your family every day in December.  

During this FREE 7-Day Motivator You'll...

Plan your dinners for the WHOLE month of December, so you can focus on enjoying time with family & friends instead.

Meal planning helps food allergy moms

Learn how meal planning can help busy food allergy moms like you. We'll take easy and quick step-by-step actions that you can reuse to simplify your life in the new year.

Share and get new recipes from other food allergy moms so you have more variety in your dinners.

Food Allergy Consultant Canada

Who's Hosting?

Hi, I'm Corinna of Friendly Pantry Consulting. Over the past 11 years I've handled multiple severe allergies (and one intolerance) between my two kids and clients. 

My goal is to create practical solutions for busy food allergy moms that SAVE YOU time, energy and stress. 

Join now. Your motivation starts Sunday November 25!

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