Do you feel like all you do is cook one meal after another because of food allergies?  

Imagine knowing exactly what to feed your family without stressing until the last minute when you finally decide to make the same old thing again.  

Imagine knowing all the best tips and tricks that will save you time in the kitchen.

Imagine feeling motivated and excited to cook dinner (despite food allergies). 

Less exhausting. Less time consuming. More fun. 

food allergy help

The Inspired Kitchen Membership

Simplifying Meals and Snacks for Busy Food Allergy Families

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What this membership is about...

This membership is a mix between a cooking school, a motivational mom's group and an organizing class; all with the goal of making food allergy cooking quicker and easier.

Go from an uninspired and burned out cook to a refreshed and excited chef who's confident and eager to create a variety of meals and baking to accommodate your family's food allergies. 

Food Allergy Moms
Food Allergy Mom

Save Time

Many food allergy moms spend 1-2 hours per month finding safe recipes alone (that's 18-24 hours per year!).  

Every lesson will be geared towards saving you time when it comes to finding & cooking safe food. Get ready for more free time!

Food Allergy Moms

Add Variety

Take the pressure off with group recipe sharing between other moms who manage similar allergies. 

You'll find a variety of new favourite breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes that are easy, healthy & your family will love. 

Allergy Friendly Cook Book

Overwhelm Gone

We'll specifically look at cooking (and baking) WITHOUT each of the top allergens so you know how to accommodate your family's allergies with ease.

Great Food Allergy Safe Meals

Feel Motivated

We'll dive into motivational activities for kitchen tasks that aren't fun to do alone. From organizing our pantry; to meal planning; to "big cooks", this membership will have you and your kitchen running more efficiently, while having fun with a group of moms who are doing it all at the same time!

Food Allergy Moms

*Monthly Themes* 

Each month we'll dive into a different food allergy cooking theme geared towards saving you time and effort. 

Themes may include: 

  • Meal planning 101 so you can reuse what you learn & save your energy for your family instead of constantly thinking about food, morning noon and night.
  • Food allergy pantry cooking secrets so you know what ingredients to have on hand & how to use them if you want to throw together a quick and easy allergy-friendly meal.
  • The best substitutes and hacks for removing top allergens* from baking & cooking so you can have people over and they'd never even know what's missing.
  • Pantry and kitchen organization to make your space efficient and enjoyable to work in.
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack inspiration so you don't have to feel stuck with any of the meals.
  • Learning to cook with simple ingredients so you don't have to spend so much time reading long labels and worrying about whether you can trust if the company labelled properly.
Great Food Allergy Safe Meals

*Your membership plan includes* 

  • 4-6 cooking lessons/year. Lessons will teach techniques to make cooking faster and easier. Other things we'll cover are successful ways to cook without specific top allergens*, including substitutes that work.
  • 3-4 meal planning activities/year. Do you love the idea of meal planning, but it often falls by the wayside? Not in this group! We'll set aside specific times when we'll all get it done TOGETHER. No more false starts!
  • 1-2 group cooking or baking sessions/year. We'll share our favourite food allergy freezer recipes, then cheer each other on over the internet as we make and freeze them. 
  • 1-4 organization activities/year. We'll work together to get that kitchen in shape so we can find what we're looking for and it's easier and much more enjoyable to cook for our family. 
  • 1-2 specialist interviews/year. Possible topics include, picky eating, nutritional considerations for kids with food allergies and more! 
food allergy cooking help

*Become a Designing Member* 

As a Designing Member, you'll enjoy a smaller group with a more hands on, personalized experience. Desigining Members have the opportunity to give feedback and shape what the membership becomes. Not only that, but you'll be "locked in" at the current price even though the next time the membership opens the price will be higher**. 

Join the waitlist now!  

The Inspired Kitchen Membership will open again in:


The Inspired Kitchen Membership accepting waitlist now!

Food Allergy Mom

*How does it work?* 

  • This is a monthly subscription group. You can stop your membership at anytime. 
  • There will be one special class/lesson/activity every month (examples of topics are mentioned above). You must be a member in the month the class or activity occurs to gain access to that class or activity.
  • You'll need a Facebook account, the ability to join an online meeting software, and an email address you check regularily to get the most from this program. Don't worry, you'll get specific instructions to help you; you don't need to be a tech genius!! 
  •  Meal planning and cooking activities will happen in our private Facebook group. You can pick and choose which activities to be a part of and you're not forced to do anything! Just remember, if you choose not to take part, then you won't get the results. 

The Inspired Kitchen Membership is not OPEN, but is accepting a waitlist now. 

Allergy Friendly Cook Book


1. Can't I just get this information on the internet? Yes, but it would be time consuming and the information will be general. In this group, each and every topic will be covered with food allergies in mind so no more generic cooking information you have to adjust for your situaton.  

There's something magical about getting together with other mamas. The motivation you'll feel to "GET STUFF DONE" will be invaluable. That doesn't even mention the freedom from kitchen burn out. 

2. I belong to a food allergy Facebook group. Can't I just ask others what they do? I love Facebook groups and all they have to offer. That's why this course has a PRIVATE group SPECIFICALLY for people taking this program. Although you can ask other food allergy groups for their opinion and advice, you won't find an organized group that is so specific to food allergy cooking with such an emphasis on cooking encouragement! Motivation is one of the KEY reasons people don't meal plan and get their pantry organized; but not when you're member of The Inspired Kitchen Membership!  

3. Why should I pay for this membership? I know how the responsibility of cooking for your family weighs on your shoulders. Imagine what life would be like if you continue the way you are; overworked, uninspired, burnt out. How do those feelings affect you and your family every day? Are you more irritable or hot-tempered? Does this affect your relationships with your kids, husband and friends? Does it cause unneeded stress for everybody? 

We all know that eating out isn't that easy with food allergies, which means you literally NEVER get a break. For the price of one meal out, for one person per month (which you hardly ever spend because you're always cooking) you'll be gaining your own sanity and making YOUR job easier. Isn't it worth it to use the money you save from dining out for something that will help your relationship with your family AND give you time to relax?

4. What if I can't make the live classes(s)? Of course being there live is best so you're able to ask questions and be a part of the group. But if that isn't possible, each session will be recorded. Membersip access to the recordings will be available for the entire month. After one month, recordings may be purchased seperately at an additional fee. There's also the Facebook Group that's JUST for people in the membership so you can help each other with the material.  

5. What if this membership doesn't work for me?

I want you to feel confident and inspired about cooking for food allergies. If, at any time you don't feel like you've accomplished this; the membership can be stopped at anytime.

Remember that to succeed in this membership, you MUST put in the effort. This means attending the sessions and participating in the activities & assignments. As with anything important in life, you'll only get out what you put in. 

Can You Afford to Wait? 

The Inspired Kitchen Membership is only open for a limited time and will not be open to additional members until after March/April 2019. How much longer do you want to feel burnt out and stressed about food allergy cooking?

The Inspired Kitchen Membership is taking a waitlist now!

food allergy help

*The first $10 fee will be used to hold your spot in the membership and pay for the month of January, 2019. The membership will officially begin January 7, 2019. Once you sign up, you'll be charged $10 monthly starting February 1, 2019 until your membership is discontinued. Payments are non-refundable, but membership may be discontinued at any time.

*Membership may be discontinued at any time.

*Top allergens addressed specifically in this membership are wheat, egg, milk, peanut, tree nut, soy, seafood, sesame, mustard & gluten. Although other allergens will not be addressed in cooking lessons specifically, the lessons, techniques and motivation will still be useful for those with other allergies or sensitivities.

**Membership fees will be locked in as long as continuous membership is maintained.

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